Saturday, September 26, 2015

Prayer Journey

Last weekend I watched one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen, War Room. The storyline centered around the power of prayer. I have always prayed, but this movie really challenged me to the core. I desire to have a deeper walk with and Jesus and through daily prayer. I can achieve that. I am beginning a new book called "Prayer Works," written by the creators of the movie War Room. I am really excited to deepen my prayer life, and I encourage everyone to read this book and go see the movie if you have not already. 
In the first chapter of the book, it focuses on "What Is Prayer?" Most importantly Prayer is a relationship with God. We need to understand how Loving our God is and through His Love he will protect us and guide us.In the devotional it says how in life, we can have tough obstacles, but prayer can be a shield, tool, a spiritual weapon to connect us directly to the Creator. When you are struggling in life, go directly to God in prayer. 

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